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The Happy Heart Free Papercraft

February 03, 2017

The Happy Heart Free Papercraft

Download and build The Happy Heart papercraft!

Don't just wear your heart on your sleeve – let it LIVE on your desk! Or better yet, give it to a friend or loved-one and let it tell them how you feel - LITERALLY!

Download this free project! (553KB PDF)
  1. Download and print the construction sheet on photo paper or card stock for best results.
  2. Desktop Gremlins are easy to cut out with just a simple pair of scissors and assembled with color-coded slots. No glue! No Tape!
  3. Show it off! Take a photo of your finished project and post it to your favorite social network with the hashtags #desktopgremlins #papercraft in the caption!

I've been planning this sort of Desktop Gremlins original for a while now. My vision included a way to make a papercraft that was extra interactive when sharing. The solution was to invent a way for crafty people like yourself to write a message that could ride along with the character. At first, I devised a simple triangular sign-board to sit next to this Happy Heart character.

One dark and stormy night, inspiration STRUCK like a bolt of lightning. I thought, "wouldn't it be cooler if the message you wrote lived in a SPEECH BUBBLE that you could attach to the papercraft itself?"

It was important to me though to accomplish this in a way that would not cause damage to the papercraft character itself – a truly optional piece. I'm exited to report...I figured it out!


The Happy Heart is #1 of 10 characters available in the SWEET HEARTS Quick Crafts Kit!

Sweet Hearts Quick Crafts - Papercraft Kit by Desktop Gremlins

Get the Sweet Heart Quick Crafts Kit today!

What makes YOUR heart happy? Let me know in the comments below!

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